Artists who are going places

Year after year we see artists come and go, with impressive techniques and carefree attitudes. Unfortunately most have no heart and dare i say no soul. Demetrios Lois is that thriving new artist fresh out of the gate, who is going places. Maybe he has found his signature styles with his self-proclaimed LOISM Art or maybe he has only just begone. Only time will tell and this art lover will be there watching this inspiring artist who has heart AND soul.

Dear Artist BRAVO! Your work is smart and captivating.You make us want to be in your world.

- J, Gowenda

Kind Words

"To Demetrios Lois who I am thrilled to have as my cousin.

Demetrios be Reckless!"

* George Lois - Advertising, Marketing 

- (the original Mr. Big Idea) 

"Phenomenal Work! Sophisticated Palette! A Masterful Artist! And even that is an understatement."

* M. O'Reilly - Real Estate and Development

"Really nice. I love."

* Leonid Afremov - Artist

"Finally... Bold, Brazen, In your face! Daring! The Artist to watch!"

* I. Smilovich - Author, Screen Writer

"Wow Awesome!"

* David Benegas - Artist


* OP Freuler - Artist


* Eve Quiviger - Artist

"This is definitely first rated!"

* Ramazan Çelik - Photographer


* Charlie Edmiston  - Artist


* Rated Modern Art

"Amazing! Pretty Cool!"

* Ayala Uzan - Jewelry designer


"Very cool"

* Graham Edwards - Artist


* Lollipopart - Fine Art Printing

"Very Cool!"

* Okasha - Artist


* Matthew Brinston - Artist

"You're pretty cool. Keep winning no matter what you do!"

* Meghan Swim - Author, Writer 

"This is Great"

* Mike Lemaire - Muay Thai World Champion 

"Cool as! Perfection! Sweet!!!"

* The Rich Style - Millionaire

"Makes me happy"

* Amber Coyle - Comic, Actress


* Nicole Schimel - Illustrator

"Μy beautiful artist!!!!"

* An Sa. Loi - Creative


* Enegy - Graphic Designers

"Keep it up!"

* Luxlifeco - Luxury life stylist


* Andrea Hunt - Actress

"Bow of Respect"

* Popmyeyes -  Curators

"My Fav"

* Els Hosk - Model


* Alma Goodman - Singer Songwriter

"Awesome work as always!!! Some of the best work I have seen from you....Congrats! Very well done!"

* Peter Kiriako - Finance

Motivational artist - Inspirational art

Demetrios Lois is becoming one of the most significant Pop modern contemporary expressionist artists of our day. A true modern day master of his own right.
His rebellious work and unmatched designs are inspired by his high energy and rawness.
Without a doubt becoming one of the most important motivational and energetic artists of our time, his work is bold and masterful.
Using the "law of attraction" his art moves and inspires through mind, heart and soul. Using powerful images and words of reinforcement, his work is both captivating and highly motivating.
As his stature in the art world grows, Demetrios Lois is well on his way in causing a grand impact in today's competitive art world. 

-  O. Gioti 

DL TORSO series

When ancient sculptures of gods and heroes with epic poses meets modern day superheroes with vibrant colors, it creates the offspring I call the 'DL TORSO series'. Explosive colors, dramatic textures, expressionistic knife and brush work including words to inspire are just a few of the steps for creating each individual piece for the 'DL Torso' series.​ 

The Express This!!!

The Express This!!! series is a grand sized collection of Inspirational works.
The minimalism pieces represent a powerful message with only but one simple gesture.Instead of colors, the textures create shades & depth giving each piece a different look according to the light source.With a background in the performance arts the professional musician brings the live show to the canvas. 

Dyslexic Motivation

"Dyslexia is a brain-based type of learning disability that specifically impairs a person's ability to read. Although the disorder varies from person to person these individuals typically read at levels significantly lower than expected despite having NORMAL TO HIGHER INTELLIGENCE.
The series “Dyslexic Motivation” is an Urban Pop Modern Abstract Dyslexic view of different careers and/or motivations. Working backwards gives a confusing excitement to the series. The brilliant superimposed colors and textured strokes are painted as backgrounds leaving out a dyslexic view of images, symbols, words and phrases, thus creating them as the competitive focal points to the overall pieces.
Each piece from the Dyslexic Motivation collection is three paintings in one.
First part, is the Urban grunge representing; starting from the bottom looking up.
Second part, words of inspiration throughout the canvas representing; obstacles such as dyslexia 
can't stop them from filling the entire canvas with positive reinforcements.
Third part, is an empowering image representing; the grand finally, the moment that greatness is 
reached or the goal is gained, throughout all the steps & obstacles that life throws at us.  

Maestro Video

The new video “Maestro” from the Express This!!! series by the artist Demetrios Lois has finally launched. As previously quoted in the video; Maestro conducts the fusion between the mystical arts and the captivating music thus conducting the symphony of creativity. The goal for the video was to captivate not only art lovers but also an MTV audience.
This ideal song by Queen “The Show Must Go On” helped capture as well as enhance D. Lois’s showmanship, giving the effect of a rock star on stage.
The intro drum solo is a live recording played by Lois himself.
For a greater visual experience of the video Maestro, visit www.DLOISART.com“Videos” as well as YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI3bygbxYx4&feature=relmfu 

Express This!!! Videos 

Find something or someone and hold on tight. There will be a series of fun and exciting music style videos by Demetrios Lois creating the pieces from his new Urban Expressionist Contemporary series; Express This!!!