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Demetrios Loïs


Creativity, cre·a·tiv·i·ty \,krē-(,)ā-’ti-və-tē, ,krē-ə-\ [kree-ey-tiv-i-tee] The power and ability to create.

In the land that never sleeps, not so far far away, the artist Demetrios Lois a descendant of 'ancient Greek warriors', born in 'the city of saints', nestled in 'the great white north', is making his way to the very top in today’s modern day art world.

His passion and thirst for knowledge over the years and still today have driven this whole brained artist to immerse himself into this colorful milieu. Music, theater, dance, graphic arts, mechanical and architectural design as well as drafting are some of the fields that he has studied.

An early debut, at the ripe old age of fourteen, a young Demetrios started taking the world of entertainment by surprise as a professional musician. 

Unforeseen injuries led to the most immense decision of his career and even more so to his life, having to walk away for a long while thus giving his body, mind and broken spirit the opportunity to heal.

As far back as he can remember this only child of a seamstress always used his abilities as a creative form of expression. Art has gone from first love, to mistress, to soulmate.

This self-taught artist uses anything from palette knives, brushes, various objects or even his body to create and manifest his reverie into reality. A strong mind with a vivid imagination he brings his visions to life on canvas allowing them to reach out and speak to the world. Each piece is simply exceptional and when you look closely, you feel the moment and you are emotionally affected.

A great deal of pride, passion and research goes into his work. A perfectionist to a fault for so long, now he strives for nothing less than excellence and leaves perfectionism to God.

Demetrios says: 

  • “My blazing desire to create is instinctive. As an artist I need new ideas. I need new styles. I need hard core stimulation. I need to strive for greatness”.  
  • "For many, it seems not having entirely wasted one’s life would be a decent achievement. For myself, constantly pursuing my creative passions will make me immortal. 
  • You can keep your freakin participation trophies, I'm here to take over baby!
  • What Ever it Takes! means not always doing it the conventional way but doing it my way, and loving every minute of it. My Life, My Legacy!" 

Named the "artist to watch", Demetrios has lauded praise internationally from prestigious magazines, television, blogs, multi media to art lovers and collectors.

Fulfilling many aspects of his career and accumulating much experience, this vibrant artist is now determined to bring the art world to a different level, a new rise.

His resourcefulness, his artistic versatility, disciplined work ethic, dynamic experience in the performing arts and a daring attitude make him the one.

If you will the creator and innovator of LOÏSM art.

Artist Tools of Demetrios Lois

Artist Tools of Demetrios Lois